Top 5 exercises to lose love handles

Top 5 exercises to lose love handles
Top 5 exercises to lose love handles

If some people think that love handles are attractive and cute, the opinion is not the same for others. In fact, most women want to see these little buoys disappear from their bodies and will do anything to get rid of them. So what are the right exercises to lose love handles?

A quick reminder: what are love handles?
Love handles are the beads that protrude over your jeans. They refer to the areas of fat accumulation above the hips. In general, they are formed as a result of excessive nutrition or excessive sedentary lifestyle.


Thus, there are 36 solutions to eliminate them, except a healthy diet, different physical exercises and supplements to increase the loss of centimeters such as clothing and slimming treatments. These will help you burn calories and eliminate fat from your hips and belly as much as possible. Here are the top 5 exercises to lose love handles!

The burpees
Commonly known as jumping frog, frogs are used to work the muscles of the abs, buttocks, arms, thighs and chest. In addition, this exercise is of great help in burning fat on love handles. Taking the position of a frog, it is therefore sufficient to jump several times. Make 10 burpees take a 1 minute break and repeat 3 times.

The russian twist

Focusing on the exercise of the abdominal belt and on the obliques, the Russian twist is ideal for hitting the areas where the love handles are located. Unlike other exercises, the Russian twist does not act directly to eliminate fat. This exercise will help refine and tone the muscles of life.

To begin this exercise, you need to sit on the floor with your legs bent. Then, you will need to bring an object like a dumbbell or a bottle of water to increase the intensity of the exercise. However, you don’t need to use a heavy object or risk damaging your spine, so start taking the object in your hands and turning your shoulders from left to right to do the same movements as your oblique abs. It is important to emphasize that the movements must be performed slowly to contract the abdominal muscles and feel them working. Try to perform up to 20 movements.

The oblique mountain climber
mountain climber exercice pour perdre des hanches
The mountain climber is one of the variety of exercises that can be easily done at home to remove love handles. This exercise primarily targets the body’s oblique abs and requires cardio work.

It is a simple strength training exercise for regulars, but rather complex for beginners. However, it helps to refine the hips and find a beautiful silhouette. All you have to do is position yourself on the floor in the position of the table with your legs and arms stretched out. The movement consists in bringing the knee back to the opposite shoulder. You need to do multiple movements in 45 seconds to get results. It is possible to do 2-3 sets with a 1 minute break between one set and the next.

Abdominal bicycle

With bicycle abs, the entire abdominal musculature is directly targeted. Those who practice this exercise have witnessed the result by showing a rather muscular belly.

The principle of bicycle abdominals remains easy to assimilate as it is sufficient to lie on your back holding your arms behind your neck. For the legs, it is necessary to place them at right angles before starting to pedal like on a bicycle. Thanks to a series of 60 seconds, it is possible to remove the love handles without going to the gym. However, the serial number will have to increase every day if you are looking for quick results.

Oblique coating
Often known as a sideboard, the oblique coating is also an exercise for losing love handles. You can choose this exercise to gradually strengthen the oblique abdominal muscles and regain the life of a wasp. For this time, the dynamic variant is the one you have to practice. 45-second weight training exercise, actively working on love handles.

First, you should start by lying on your side with your elbow resting on your side. Second, raise your hips for 45 seconds and then slowly lower yourself down. Repeating this movement on each side eliminates excess fat on the hips.

Love handles are often the direct consequence of bad eating habits. An incorrect diet can in fact nullify the big sacrifices made in the gym. The ideal diet to fight love handles must first of all be varied and balanced.

It is important to consume a wide variety of healthy foods every day ( whole grains , vegetables, fish , lean meat, legumes , low-fat dairy products , vegetable oils , fresh and dried fruit).
No food should be demonized. However, the consumption of foods containing too many hydrogenated , saturated fats or sugars should be avoided . Carbohydrates should not be feared, but it is important to replace simple ones (with high glycemic index ) with complex ones (legumes, vegetables, oats ).

Do not be seduced by food fads or diets that extreme some concept, such as hyperproteicity or restriction of carbohydrates ( Atkins diet , scarsdale , metabolic , ketogenic etc.).

Adopt the typical food models of the Mediterranean diet , slightly reducing the carbohydrate percentage (from 65 to 55-50%) and slightly raising the protein and lipid percentage (25-30% for fats and 20% for proteins ).
Take advantage of “fat burning” foods and products. Caffeine , Guarana , herbal preparations containing ephedrine , bitter orange ( synephrine ), pepper , cacao, the dark , Mate herb , kelp and Garcinia , have strong thermogenic properties (raise the basal metabolism, forcing the body to burn more calories). The important thing is not to abuse these products, to avoid side effects such as restlessness , tremors , nervousness and tachycardia .

Eat small, frequent and well-balanced meals. Insulin peaks (favored by too abundant and unbalanced meals in favor of carbohydrates), together with prolonged fasting, are in fact the main factors responsible for the accumulation of fat in the belly.

Diet for love handles

  1. Additional modestly effective solutions
  2. Cosmetics against localized fat deposits
    Creams containing capsaicin ( chilli extract ) or other active principles capable of stimulating circulation can contribute to the definitive defeat of love rolls and handles. The application of these products must be followed by a good massage in order to amplify their stimulating effect on the microcirculation.

Even the abdominal bands, by raising the body temperature locally , favor localized weight loss.

In addition to fat burners containing thermogenic extracts (able to speed up the metabolism ), we also report lipoic acid (a powerful antioxidant and insulin stabilizer) and carnitine (an amino acid that promotes the metabolization of fats). The first is taken in 200 mg doses after the main meals. An hour before cardiovascular training , 400-1000 mg of carnitine can be taken instead.

A low-dose multivitamin can be taken regularly for breakfast, especially by those who do not consume enough fruit and vegetables.

L ‘ tummy tuck is cosmetic surgery , for subsequent removal of fat and excess skin from the abdomen; the intervention has purely aesthetic purposes and is indicated in cases where love handles persist, despite the scrupulous adoption of a lifestyle suitable for weight loss.


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