Massive Traps – 7 Exercises Must Do

Massive Traps – 7 Exercises Must Do
Massive Traps – 7 Exercises Must Do

Focusing on some intense trapezius training is a must if you have huge arms that aren’t connected to your broad shoulders and traps. Let’s try to remember that trapezius preparation is not for the faint of the heart, but very well-developed traps are vital for that refined body that you desire.

One of the hugest muscles on your back is the trapezius muscles, so it would be a huge mistake to not give attention to that specific muscle during your workout regime. Nonetheless, exercises are sometimes mistaken as a different muscle to train – they also function more in the shoulder routines since they have somewhat similar exercises.


You need to realize that traps help to retain a proper pose, in addition to contributing total roundness and stiffness to the body. Skipping traps day is highly not recommended if you really want that aesthetic body!

If you’re searching for any killer exercises to create massive traps, then search no further as we’re going to speak about five exercises to build massive traps.

Lots of people are partial to the deadlift, and so am I. For me, this is the workout that is the foundation of every successful weight development program. If you’re training as a bodybuilder, powerlifter, or a strongman, a deadlift is really essential to your fitness routine.

The deadlift aids in the construction of the trap, from the upper part of the action. The trapezius muscles, along with the other muscles in the back, work to hold the back upright. Traps often help hold the chest up during the pull.

Rack Pull Shrug
When executing a rack pull shrug, use a safety pin squat rack at the height of your thigh. Perform the rack pull shrug for a capacity of 120 percent of the deadlift. Pull the bar to force the weight back, then shrug it all in one move.

Power Clean
This exercise is one of the most underrated exercises when it comes to strength as well as power. The lower traps are used to raise the weight during the initial lift of the clean. On the second part of the rise, the shrugging motion of the upper traps work.

Dumbbell Shrug
I favor the dumbbell shrug to the barbell shrug, but let’s be honest. Some gyms don’t have sufficiently heavy dumbbells to encourage us to create some variation of them, but this variation of the shrug helps you to lift the traps more naturally and certainly places more strain on the traps.

Barbell Shrug

These dumbbell shrugs are still my go-to, but that isn’t to say that I’m not going to perform a barbell variation every opportunity I get. The barbell enables you to sit on the plates as well as have a substantial trap exercise.

Single-Arm Dumbbell Upright Row

Grab a dumbbell and stick out the elbows, which is where this exercise begins. Assume that someone’s dragging your arm up, as though it were on a string. Alternate your arms and experience the burn.

Face Pull
Whether you’re pulling a face pull on a low pulley, a high pulley, or a mid-level pulley, face pulls ought to be a regular part of your trip preparation. These days, I ‘m working on the high pulley and the pulley, which is right in the middle, with the latter receiving a ton of reps recently. Stand a few feet away from the equipment to get the ideal angle for trapezius training and development.


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