Fitness Lessons for Beginners


Home fitness is a great way to keep fit and build your dream body, saving you time and money. The English verb to fit means “to be in good shape” and best reflects the content and meaning of training. Fitness is popular with women all over the world, with the goal of creating an ideal figure.

ALL ONLINE COURSES have collected the best free video lessons and fitness workouts for beginners with exercises to work out the body shape and lose weight for self-study at home.


Quick warm-up before training

Starting a workout without warming up is a gross violation of safety precautions due to harm to health. It is especially important to warm up before intense training. Gentle stretching exercises and warming up the muscles gently tone the body and smoothly tune in to active work. A typical warm-up time is five to ten minutes. The training video shows a universal seven-minute complex, suitable as a warm-up for any physical activity.

Fitness at home. Online training

The online training program is aimed at shaping the waist and strengthening the abdominal muscles. Turning the body, twisting, bending, pumping the press – all that is needed to fully work out the waist and abdomen. The lesson has a medium pace and is suitable for absolute beginners. The instructor shows the exercises with comments for correct and safe execution. The workout contains a warm-up and a final part aimed at stretching the legs and back.

Fitness classes at home. Beautiful body in seven days

Video training is dedicated to working on the line of the buttocks and legs. The shown exercises remove excess fat and cellulite from problem areas, tighten the silhouette, and give a beautiful relief. The combination of deep squats, lunges, half-squats, and toe raises allows you to work all the muscles you need, from the outer to the deepest. An untrained body may react with severe muscle pains some time after exercise. To avoid negative effects, the online instructor ends each exercise with stretching and rest.

Online training for beginners

Olga Portnova – Master of Sports in Athletics, Russian Crossfit Champion and Functional Training Instructor – devotes the online edition to home workouts with a professional approach. The workout is designed for untrained people and is suitable for both men and women. A short express lesson for every day helps to keep the body in good shape and get a boost of good mood and energy at home. The set of exercises is suitable for daily morning or afternoon exercises-gymnastics.

Slimming workout program

A course of 12 workouts on “TGYM – the best fitness channel” will help you lose weight, strengthen muscles, develop endurance and speed up your metabolism. Classes are held according to the tabata system (the most effective type of training for fat burning). Exercises are performed with your own body weight without additional equipment, becoming more difficult from session to session. The goal of the workout is to maximize the number of repetitions of each exercise. The presenter of the online course talks in detail about the training schedule and conducts the first ultra-effective lesson.

Fat Burning Workout

The 20-minute core workout consists of 5 exercises. The video lesson is suitable for beginners and intermediate levels of training. The lesson is built on the principle of circular training: each exercise is performed for a minute and several repetitions are done. The lesson includes a warm-up, core complex, and stretching. The main complex consists of static and dynamic exercises at an intense, slow and medium pace.

Aerobics at home for beginners

Aerobics is an energetic and high-intensity fitness workout. Classes are aimed at solving several problems: strengthening the cardiovascular system, developing strength, endurance, flexibility, coordination, balance and dexterity, increasing lung capacity, accelerating metabolism and burning fat. Aerobics is based on basic steps and exercises that can be combined in different sequences. A lesson with coach Yulia Sinyagina will help diversify the workout with dance moves and have fun with health benefits.

Full body workout

The FitBerry Channel represents a complete workout for building a healthy, beautiful body. The video demonstrates several exercises for each muscle group: legs, back, obliques, lower and upper abs. The advice of an experienced trainer on exercise technique makes the exercise safe and effective. The lesson is fully consistent with the canons of traditional group lessons in a gym with a coach.

Strength training at home

Strength training to work out the muscles of the legs and abdomen contains many lunges and squats, which require the correct execution technique. The instructor of the online fitness club gives the necessary instructions at the beginning of the training and comments on each exercise. The complex to relax the muscles at the end of the session helps to avoid pain after an intense workout.

Fat burning set

Video lessons with Katerina Buida are one hundred percent adapted for home use. The videos have a pleasant video sequence, a motivating component and good sets for working on the body. The author of the video course provides a maximum of practical and theoretical information: correct execution, instructions on breathing technique, names of all exercises and the effect obtained. The bonus is a great selection of energetic music and an invigorating instructor’s voice.

Classes for fast weight loss

Many beginners have an intimidating fitness routine due to the unusually high pace and intensity. However, there are training options: dynamic, medium and more static. In the absence of experience in active training or after a long break, it is possible to start with gentle loads. The training video demonstrates a special complex for training according to the static principle, which eliminates a large load on the respiratory, cardiac and musculoskeletal systems.

Workout 3 pace

The pace of your workout has a huge impact on your performance. The same exercise has a different effect on speed changes. The “three paces” method involves performing exercises at slow, fast and medium speed alternately to maximize the development of muscles and ligaments. The principle of training is shown in an online lesson using the example of a set for hands. Any set of exercises you like can be adapted to this method. The main thing is to understand and master the correct technique.


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