A Beginner Gym Workout Plan for Women

A Beginner Gym Workout Plan for Women
A Beginner Gym Workout Plan for Women

Extra pounds are always the subject of anxiety and frustration. It is necessary to make a decision for yourself how to get rid of them, having weighed all the pros and cons: At the same time, evaluate for yourself:

Is eating healthy?

  • How does the arrival of calories correspond to their expenditure?
  • Is there enough physical activity in the daily regimen?
  • Are there any diseases of the endocrine system and digestive organs?
  • And one more thing: is there the willpower to start practicing?

 If positive answers are received to these questions, you can safely go to the gym, where you will tighten your body and make a new circle of acquaintances who prefer a sports lifestyle to everyday problems. After all, the thought is still relevant: in a healthy body there is a healthy mind! And a healthy mind is an excellent state of health, good mood, self-confidence and the potential to achieve the set goals.


What do gyms offer?

Girls in the gymToday, in almost every gym, group classes (the so-called functional training) and individual classes using a variety of simulators that allow you to pump any muscle group are available to visitors . For example, in our “Indigo” fitness center there are fitness equipment from leading American and European manufacturers (GYM80 and Star Track), which are equipped with all the necessary adjustments, as well as a high degree of protection.

It is necessary to immediately decide what is more in the character? One-on-one with a trainer or a group of like-minded people involved in a set of exercises aimed at a specific muscle group. There is also the option of self-training on simulators, for example, walking or jogging on a treadmill, ellipsoid, exercise bike, stepper. These are the so-called cardiovascular equipment. They improve metabolic processes in the body, stimulate the activity of the cardiovascular system, and increase the overall resistance of the body to stress. Plus, it’s the perfect way for girls to lose weight.

The second variant of the simulators is the strength variants. In classes, it is better to rely on the knowledge of trainers and a systematic approach to achieve the result. Since a poorly dosed load can lead to muscle strain and pain.

How do girls start classes?

If you have chosen personal training , you must inform the instructor

  • Girl squat with a barbellHow old are you?
  • What is the degree of prior training?
  • General health information?
  • Lifestyle (more sedentary or, conversely, active)?

Expected Result.

Such data is needed to draw up an individual training plan and get the effect from them as quickly as possible.

At the beginning of the workout, it is necessary to warm up the main muscle groups for 10-15 minutes. For this, the same cardiovascular equipment is perfect, which can be alternated with light stretching.

The main part of the workout

The main part of the session should take 40-45 minutes. During it, the load on the muscles, the training of which is planned, is evenly distributed. Considering that the bulk of fat accumulation in the female body is in the lower torso, training muscles such as the gluteus maximus, biceps femoris, semimembranosus (part of the upper leg) brings more fatigue and requires special attention.

The upper part of the body in girls is less developed. Therefore, exercises aimed at training him consist in influencing:

Biceps and triceps brachii;

  1. Large and small rhomboid muscles;
  2. Latissimus dorsi muscle;
  3. Trapezius muscle.

Separate complexes are aimed at strengthening the belt muscle of the head (this is the muscle that holds the neck together with the cervical vertebrae in an upright position).

At the end of the workout, you should leave time (up to 10 minutes) for stretching and cooling down. It is after training that it is useful to stretch the muscles, which is very important to consolidate the result.

Today, training in the form of three to four approaches, composed of exercises for different muscle groups, has proven itself worthy. This can be the alternate use of simulators on the upper body, lower, press, shoulder girdle. Or functional training sessions using:

  1. weights on arms and legs, shoulders;
  2. special bosu platforms;
  3. dumbbells, bodybars;
  4. complex trx and others.

In addition to a positive effect on coordination and a sense of control over your body, such complexes allow you to train muscles no worse than purposeful exercises.

Examples of training programs for girls

After warming up, you can start the main part:

Girl trains in the gymAlternate lunges with legs with arms raised with dumbbells to shoulder level.

Leg press:

Squats with weights on the shoulders (for example, with a barbell in a Smith machine);

Extension of the legs on the simulator.

Reducing the legs on the simulator.

Cravings for the chest.

Lowering and raising the body on a special simulator with a horizontal elbow support or a leg support (this horizontal bar can also be used to train lateral muscles. In this case, you should stand on the support sideways, resting your feet parallel to the floor one in front of the other);

Raising your legs at an angle of 90 degrees, leaning your elbows into special supports on the simulator.

Alternate lifting of the dumbbells to the belt and lowering to the bent opposite leg.

It is fashionable to do such a complex twice or three times per workout. This will depend on the coach’s decision on the length of each exercise. Girls are better off not insisting on long approaches. The female body is much more effective at shorter approaches, repeated more times.

What exercises to choose for a specific muscle group?

If you want to pump up your arms, you should dwell on strength exercises that alternate the load on the biceps and triceps. In life, the biceps cause less anxiety than the triceps: the load on them during everyday worries is always present. But the triceps (the back of the arm) never interferes with pumping up.

Today, coaches have developed special sets of exercises for the upper muscle group. This program is called the Upper body. It includes classes with weights and using simulators. Classic examples are bending the arms at the elbow, raising the arms up, spreading to the sides, and lowering to the opposite leg.

In addition, such complexes affect the muscles of the shoulder and neck girdles.

The lover body workout program is called Lover body. These are exercises for the legs, buttocks and abdominal muscles. Classic examples are:

Exercise “Butterfly”;

Jumping out of a half-squat position;

Breeding legs or flexion and extension “towards yourself” on the simulator;

Lying on your stomach on a special support of the simulator, bending the legs outward at the knee joint (with weights in the area of   the feet);

Lifting the body from a prone position (upper press);

Alternate leg raises of 30, 45, 60, 90 degrees with a delay in each position for one minute.

Some girls find gym activities boring and monotonous. It all depends on the mood. A positive attitude multiplied by the expected result will always bring satisfaction and pamper your self-esteem.


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