When’s the Best Time to Eat Protein For Building Muscles


Everyone from bodybuilders to fitness enthusiasts is well aware that eating protein is mandatory for muscle growth. Training hard frequently will be of no use if you do not eat proteins since the muscles cannot grow without the amino acids.

When it comes to muscle growth, protein is necessary. There is no other alternative. If you are trying to grow and build muscle mass, you must eat at least a gram of protein for every pound of your body weight daily. This is quite a high amount of protein that a lot of people are unable to consume via food alone. Supplements are thus required. All your muscle-building endeavors in the gym will be wasted if you do not eat adequate protein. You might be wondering what the best time to eat protein is if you want to optimize muscle growth.


What type of protein should you be incorporating in your diet to increase muscular growth?

Make sure that you eat protein first thing in the morning. Your body is in a catabolic state after a night’s sleep. This implies that the glycogen store is low, owing to which muscles are burnt by the body for energy. Therefore, eat a digestible protein like whey protein even before brushing your teeth. This will make sure that muscles are not wasted away.

Proteins should be eaten between meals. This helps maintain the flow of protein to the bloodstream, thereby feeding your muscles throughout the day. Casein proteins are a good option for taking between meals. They digest slowly and thus will release protein to the bloodstream between meals. The muscles will, therefore, get their required protein throughout the day.

It is also advisable to take proteins before and after a workout. Muscle growth is promoted during exercise if you eat fast-digesting protein like whey protein before starting. After work out, you should eat whey and some carbs to assist in muscle repair.

Eat proteins before going to bed. Muscle building is optimal when you are asleep. Considering it would be for several hours that your body will be without food as you sleep, you can enhance muscle growth by eating casein protein before heading to bed. Since casein protein digests slowly, it will continue feeding your muscles for up to seven hours as you sleep, promoting muscle growth.

Now you are well aware of the best time to eat protein. Following these steps will ensure that your muscles grow as per your expectations.


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