The Best Tricep Workout For Mass

The Best Tricep Workout For Mass
The Best Tricep Workout For Mass

In this note, even for beginners of muscle training, it is easy to practice and it will be effective immediately

・How to train your triceps efficiently


・Recommended discipline of triceps

・Variation of triceps training

I will explain not only anatomical knowledge but also my experience and training of various players.

The recommended basic event is the lining extension

You can train your triceps by stretching your elbows.

The lining extension I recommend as a basic triceps event.

・Lying extension method

① Hold the bar in good order, lie on your bench, and hold it just above your shoulders.

② Fix the elbow position, bend the elbow, and slowly lower the bar.

③ Stop before hitting your forehead and put it back in place.

Effective points

  1.  Keep your elbows in motion
  •  Don’t open your arms too much
  •  Slowly when lowering

All of these are very important points, so let’s go through 10 sets x 3 sets carefully while checking each one .

There is also a technique to raise the strength by tilting the elbow position slightly toward the head, but this is done in the latter half of the video. First, the basic method is used and it is applied to the upper arm. Let’s practice like this.

As will be described later in detail, the triceps brachii muscles can be stimulated as a whole by pre-training and bending and stretching the elbows with the hands raised. The Lying Extension is a suitable exercise for stimulating the entire triceps muscle, as it is laid on the back and pre-trained to bend and stretch the elbow.

If you want to make it thicker, add this second item. Do some lining extension, and if you start to lose weight or become unsatisfactory, try adding a second type of French press and cable press down to the menu.

If you add this second type, it will become a training method called POF method, and you can train your triceps more evenly.

・French press method

  1.  Hold the dumbbell with both hands and hold it on your head.
  •  While keeping the elbow position fixed, bend the elbow slowly and lower the dumbbell.
  •  After lowering it until the upper arm is stretched, put it back.

・Cable press down method

(1) Hold the rope or EZ bar attached to the end of the cable, and hold it so that your hand comes in front of your chest.

(2) With the position of the elbow fixed, extend the elbow and return it.

If you want to make the bench press stronger, try adding a narrow press or dips. If you want to make the bench press strong, especially if you can not push it all at the end during the operation of the bench press, the triceps brachii may be weak. let’s go.

The pressing action also puts a load on the elbow when extending it from the bent state, so you can train your triceps. Do 3 sets of either event 10 times .

・Narrow press method

(1) Hold the shaft on your shoulder with your normal shoulder width.

(2) Gently pull it down around the pigeon tail so that it doesn’t open too much, and put it back in again.

・How to dips

If you want to thicken your triceps, know the detailed functions.

Triceps muscle, muscle consisting of three bunches, as shown in the figure below, the function mainly, action to extend from the state around the elbow and, composed of state before the Narae to careful behavior is.

Therefore, the upper arm is contracted the most when the arm is extended with the hand behind, and the arm is stretched the most when the elbow is raised with the hand raised.

If you bend the elbows of your upper arm close to your attention, you can easily stimulate the long head by bending the outer and inner heads and bending your elbows by raising your hands.

If there is a part where the growth is delayed when the upper arm grows to a certain extent and the upper arm grows to some extent, it is better to do mainly the item that can stimulate that part.

Other variations of triceps training:

Here are some of the other commonly used upper arm events.

・Narrow push up

It is a push-up that is performed with your hands about shoulder width. Tools can be carried out anywhere since it is not necessary. Mainly aim at the lateral and medial heads.

・Reverse push up

I will use a chair etc. You can feel the contraction because your elbows are behind your body. Mainly aim at the lateral and medial heads.

・Dumbbell kickback

Use dumbbells or tubes. Again, the elbow is behind the body so you can feel the contraction. Mainly aim at the lateral and medial heads.

It is effective to do it carefully without any momentum.

My actual menu

I am going to change the two menus on a regular basis.

About 80% are doing lining extension, and I want to strengthen the bench press. I’m doing a narrow press for the remaining 20%.

First type: lining extension or narrow press 8~12 reps 3 sets

Second type: French Press 8~12 reps 3 sets

Third type: Cable press down 10~20 reps 3 sets

The first type is for heavy weight, the second type is for stretching, which destroys muscle fibers, and the third type is for slightly increasing the number of pumps.


If you can train in the gym, start with a lining extension , or if you can’t go to the gym or have no equipment, start with a narrow push up . After a few weeks, you’ll feel your arms gradually getting thicker, and by that time you’ll be enjoying your muscle training.


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