best leg workouts to build muscle

best leg workouts to build muscle
best leg workouts to build muscle

The leg muscles can be effectively trained at home. For this, there is a complex of the best physical activities aimed at each muscle group. Which ones will be the most effective for girls and women? What are the features of training at home, and what points should you pay attention to?

Let’s take a look at these issues.
A bit of anatomy The muscles of the legs make up fifty percent of the muscle mass of the whole body. Muscle groups of the buttocks, thighs and lower legs are responsible for their shape. By targeting this area, you can achieve a harmonious, slim figure, and a beautiful leg line. A complex of special exercises can cope with such shortcomings as too thin calves or full hips, sagging buttocks. These muscles respond well to stress, so regular training for girls will help form an attractive relief and reduce leg volume.


A set of the best workouts for legs Exercises in this complex for slender legs are selected in such a way as to effectively work out all the muscles. They will help make them firm and fit. Eating rationally and performing the complex, you can successfully burn excess body fat and acquire a slim figure. This workout perfectly trains the cardiovascular and respiratory system, is the prevention of varicose veins. Developed muscle groups are good at helping the heart pump blood. Performing the complex for the legs and buttocks , you will strengthen muscles, blood vessels and the health of the body as a whole.

  1. Stepping onto the platform
    Steps are aimed at working out and developing the gluteal muscle group, as well as the front and back of the thigh. A fast pace of execution contributes to the active burning of calories, forms a tight and slender line of the hips and calves. “Walking” takes 9th place in our ranking of TOP 10 exercises for the buttocks. We carry out the first exercises with our own weight, work out the technique, select a comfortable rhythm for ourselves. Method 1.
    We stand straight in front of the platform, arms lowered, shoulders slightly laid back. Also, for the convenience of performing this workout, you can bend your elbows. We stand on the platform first with one foot, then we put the other. We step ten times with the right, then the same with the left foot. The supporting leg must maintain a right angle. This is one of the best dumbbell leg exercises . We do several reps, between which there should be a little rest to relax the muscles. Method 2.
    We step with our right foot. We stand with both feet on the platform. To increase the load, raise the right supporting leg above the level of the platform, simulating movement along the stairs. We bend the knee at a right angle, and linger in this position for several counts. We carry out steps with the left foot. We do several repetitions, between which there should be a short rest for relaxation.

. “Chair” (static exercise)
Static exercises are great for loading muscles, helping to quickly burn fat on the legs and tighten sagging skin. The “chair” is a classic static load. Allows you to work out all muscle groups in a limited time. See here about the effect of the static “Chair” on fat burning . We stand with our backs to the wall and retreat a little from it.

We slowly sink into an imaginary chair. We simulate sitting on a chair for an average of thirty seconds to one minute. We press the back and the back of the head tightly against the wall, hold a right angle in the knee joint. With the effort of the thigh and lower leg, straighten the legs and rise. Shaking your feet, we relax for thirty seconds.

  1. Squats Ideal for the legs.
    They form a relief, work out problem areas of the buttocks and hips. One of the few exercises that successfully pumps the inner side of the thigh, develops the hip, knee and ankle joints. This is a great lower body slimming movement . These areas often spoil the lean line of the legs due to excess fat and undeveloped muscles. The most effective are the following types: 1. Classic squat Feet shoulder-width apart, arms extended forward, chin raised. Bending the knees, we lower ourselves to a position in which a right angle will be formed in the knee joint. We do ten squats with three reps. 2. Squat “Plie” Emphasizes the load on the inner thigh. Squat with a straight back, arms can be extended forward or wrapped around the shoulders. Legs should be wider than shoulders, toes turned out. We squat, as in the first case, not completely, at a slow pace. We do ten squats with three reps. After practicing the technique, do dumbbell squats .
  2. Lunges
    Lunges are good for loading the muscles of the thighs – quads, as well as the glutes and legs. They perfectly stretch the hamstrings, gently load the joints of the legs. This seemingly simple exercise is included in many complexes. It trains a sense of balance, has an excellent effect on the cardiovascular system. Vigorous lunges can help you fight those extra pounds and keep yourself in good shape. Lunges are ranked # 2 in the top 10 thigh exercises. Stand up straight with your chin up and your arms down. We take a step forward with our right foot, resting on the entire area of the foot. We keep a right angle in the knee, keep balance. At the same time, the left leg is extended, the knee is close to the floor. We tilt the body forward a little, watching the balance. We repeat fifteen – twenty times. When you adapt to the load and learn how to easily follow the technique, you can do two or three approaches at a fast pace.
  3. Glute bridge
    One of the most effective hip and glute exercises. Good for stretching abdominal muscles. We lie on our backs, the head is comfortably located on the floor. Hands lie along the body. We bend our legs at right angles, place our feet, slightly unfold the socks. Leaning on the area of the shoulder blades and feet, raise the buttocks to the maximum. For several counts, we hold the position and go down. Can be performed using dumbbells, which are located in the area of the front of the thighs. The use of weighting materials increases efficiency by an order of magnitude by increasing the load. We repeat ten times with three approaches.


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