How to train your biceps with dumbbells

How to train your biceps with dumbbells
How to train your biceps with dumbbells

How to train your biceps. What is the dumbbell and instrument-less approach?

Biceps is a muscle called “bicep” that can be formed by bending the elbow of an arm. It is the muscles that make up this raised bicep that can truly symbolize strength as a man. Many men are willing to train this muscle, as a thick biceps can strongly appeal to their masculinity. Therefore, I will introduce how to effectively train your biceps using dumbbells and without using any tools.

How to train your biceps with dumbbells

The most commonly used method for training your biceps with dumbbells is called the “dumbbell arm curl.”


First, hold the dumbbell in both hands, lower your arm, and slowly lift the dumbbell while bending your elbow. Keep your shoulders as low as possible.

At this time, keep the dumbbell parallel to your body (sideways). Keep your elbows in a fixed position so that your elbows are out of front of your body, and your wrists are straight and straight without bending. After bending your elbows, twist your wrists outward.

Then, slowly lower it to the first position. Raising and lowering is done without any reaction. The dumbbells can be lifted with both hands at the same time or one hand at a time. You can either stand or sit on the bench. This is set 3 times 10 times a day. The interval between sets is about 1 minute, not every day, but every 2 or 3 days.

Use dumbbells that weigh up to a maximum of 10 times. This is because the dumbbells that are too light and easy to lift and lower easily for 10 times or more will not strain your muscles.

How to train your biceps completely without tools

I don’t want to do it until I buy dumbbells because there is no gym in the neighborhood. Or explain to someone who wants to train their biceps effectively by taking advantage of business trip destinations and company breaks.

First, grasp the fist of one hand, turn your palm upwards, fix your elbow on your waist, and bend it at a 90-degree angle. Next, press the wrist with your elbow bent with the palm on one side from above. In this state, bend the hand that is pressed down with the elbow fixed.

Then slowly bend the elbow for about 4 seconds.

Hold it for about 1 second, then against the pressure that is being pressed this time (with the feeling that you cannot easily lower it), slowly lower it for about 4 seconds.

Next, change hands and do the same. Raise and lower with one hand 10 times and with both hands 20 times.

I will adjust the pressing force of one hand so that I can not do it anymore in 20 times.

Do this in 3 sets, not every day, but in a few days.

How to train your biceps without tools (using a horizontal bar or desk)


With this method, if you find it difficult to control yourself, you can train your biceps with a bar if you have a park nearby.

With the palm of your hand inside, spread the iron bar about the width of your shoulder and squeeze it.

If the bar is low, bend your knees and hang it down.

In this state, lift your body so that your elbow is at 90 degrees, rest for a second or two, then slowly extend your elbow and return.

It’s good to do 10 times, but start with the number of times possible. In the sense of using a horizontal bar, it is not a completely instrumentless method. However, in the sense of using what is already there, it can be said that there is no equipment.

In the same way, if you have a desk at home, you can sneak in under it, hold the edge of the desk with your hand, and lift up to get the same effect. In addition, push-ups, which are thought to strengthen the biceps, do not strengthen the biceps. You can train your triceps.

We introduced how to train your biceps, which is the easiest way to emphasize a man’s toughness. I also introduced a method that can be done without tools, so you can do it from today. The biceps muscle is a muscle that we use in our daily lives, so the muscle mass does not easily increase, but you can increase it by continuing to do it.

Benefits of strengthening arm muscles

 1. Strengthens

Effective muscle training around the arm

Obviously, by training your arms, you can get the effect of adding strength. Strength is the ability to lift and maintain heavy weight.

A man with strength can make a big difference when moving or carrying luggage. You will naturally be able to appeal to such a masculine part, so it will become popular with women. In addition, since powerful people are often relied on in various situations, they can be trusted and trusted by others around them .

It sounds like a good story, but there are a lot of situations where you need your strength unexpectedly on a daily basis. Let’s train your arms secretly and appeal to a strong figure in this scene.

Benefits of training your arm muscles.

 2. Give a stylish impression:

By training the arm muscles, you can give a stylish impression. Basketball players and track and field athletes look cool because the muscles of the arms that flex from the tank top are tightening the whole body.

To that extent, the strength of the arm muscles has the power to change the impression . In addition, it is a muscle that is easily noticed so that a fine macho and a goli macho are distinguished by their thick arms or firm and supple arms.

It’s also important in body makeup to change the way you train, depending on how you want to look. Of course, don’t concentrate too much on your arms, because if you don’t train your entire arm, you will end up with an unbalanced body.


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