How To Build Muscle Fast on A Budget: Top 7 Cheapest Sources of Protein


How to build muscles fast on a low budget? This is the most commonly asked question over the internet. Many people who are indulged in weight training exercises need to build muscles but on a limited budget. Apart from that, it’s important to have the right plan, and for that, you need to work on your protein intake.

According to different studies, daily protein intake should be around 46-63 grams. However, if you are athletic, it’s essential to consume more proteins. So, from that, we can assume that you need to consume 50 grams per day, which is considered to be a moderate amount for building muscles.


As the body can’t produce enough proteins on its own, therefore it’s vital to take an adequate amount of proteins. And for that, we have found some perfect foods for you that are low in budget and will provide you enough protein for building muscles.

Top 7 Cheapest Sources of Protein

Below are some amazing examples that will help you to provide enough protein throughout the day on a cheap budget. Also, you can consume them daily without worrying about health issues such as inflammation, acne, and other diseases.

1.  Whole Eggs

Whole eggs contain 6 grams of protein. In fact, they are considered to be healthy and help to reduce cholesterol levels. In case, if you want to build muscle fast, whole eggs can be beneficial for you.

Eating three big whole eggs after your workout can help you to build muscles fast. Along with the benefits, they are readily available and can be found in a low budget.  

2. Ground Beef

For lean muscle mass, having ground beef is compulsory. Ground beef contains 25-100 grams of protein and makes perfectly healthy food for daily use. Aside from building lean muscle, it also supports blood formation.

3. Beans

Beans have been found in many stores and are the best source of protein. They contain 18 grams of protein. People who want to gain muscles and want to lose weight fast can definitely try them. 

4. Canned Tuna

It is high in protein and doesn’t contain any fat. For lean muscle growth, canned tuna can be the best choice. It almost contains 30-40 grams of proteins, which helps to repair muscles fast. People who are in love with seafood can definitely try this to build muscles fast.

5. Milk

Milk has been beneficial for people who want to gain weight. There is no doubt; milk contains 10 grams of protein per glass. In addition, it’s easily available and can be useful for your body.

6. Chicken Breast

Not just it’s a protein-rich food, but also good for your heart. Eating it without skin can help to reduce weight fast. It’s easily available and can be added to different dishes.

 7. Almonds

Everyone loves to have almonds. Not only do they are good in taste, but they are essential nutrients. Almonds contain 20 grams of protein. You can have them as a snack in the evening.

Final Verdict

If you want to build muscles, various types of proteins are essential for you. Having a moderate amount of protein makes you healthy and removes unwanted fat from your body. Therefore, if you want to become a bodybuilder, it’s advantageous to know what foods are good for you and how you can consume them.


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