15 Fat Burning Foods – Eat And Lose?

15 Fat Burning Foods - Eat And Lose

Are there 15 fat burning foods that you can eat and lose weight? Yes and no. There are foods that you can eat that help you feel satisfied, full and content. Feel that way and you will usually eat less and maintain or lose weight. That can be a good thing. I’ll share 15 food ideas for losing fat, but first a little background.

Two hormones produced in the pancreas, glucagon and insulin, determine how your body uses carbohydrates. The ratio of these two hormones is what really is critical for sugar use.


Glucagon directs the liver to release sugars, which raises the blood sugar available for use by the brain and the rest of the body. Glucagon also signals the cells to release fat for energy and to release protein for building. Insulin is responsible for putting nutrients into cells. Thus insulin regulates the transfer of fats, proteins and sugars from the bloodstream to the cells. If more sugar is available than is required, insulin signals the liver to produce fat.

Glucagon is released when proteins are eaten. Insulin is released when carbohydrates are eaten. Neither is released when you eat fats or nonstarchy foods. If carbohydrates are eaten alone, the insulin to glucagon ratio is too high. If protein is eaten alone, the insulin to glucagon ratio is too low. Eat a balanced meal with protein, fats, nonstarchy vegetables and carbohydrates and you can have a balanced insulin to glucagon ratio which can burn fat and build muscle.

Eating a balanced meal will not lead to fat production, it could even lead to fat loss. Also a balanced meal will not lead to muscle loss, it could even lead to muscle gain.

Following are 15 fat burning foods ideas. With the background in the first paragraphs, you can see that just eating a few selected foods will not magically cause weight loss. However, making some fairly simple changes in the way you eat could finally help you to lose weight and keep it off.

  • 1. Coconut oil – the fats in coconut oil are not usually stored as fat.
  • 2. Salmon – eat protein and fats with carbohydrates for a balanced insulin to glucagon ration.
  • 3. Whole grain breads – sugars released more slowly than processed grains, so less insulin response.
  • 4. Asparagus – a nonstarchy vegetable even helpful with cheese sauce.
  • 5. Cabbage – use it many different ways especially helpful in soup as a filler.
  • 6. Kale – high in calcium plus easy to grow yourself.
  • 7. Chicken – balance a meal with chicken on a salad.
  • 8. Garlic – use it however you can.
  • 9. Green beans – fills you up but nonstarchy so no effect on insulin to glucagon ratio.
  • 10. Cod liver oil – an important supplement for Vitamins A and D.
  • 11. Bitters – like Swedish Bitters, often helpful for digesting fats.
  • 12. Bell peppers – another sweet tasting nonstarchy vegetable useful in several ways.
  • 13. Summer squash – especially good with light cheese sauces.
  • 14. Cheese – in limited amounts, preferably fresh, as the fats in aged cheese are damaged.
  • 15. Eggs – contains proteins plus fats to satisfy hunger and combine well with carbohydrates.

There are many more than 15 fat burning foods if you realize the real keys to healthy eating and weight loss. Include any and all nonstarchy vegetables as part of your eating plan.