10 Healthy & Cheap Foods To Gain Weight


Cannot find an outfit that fits? Nothing looks good on you? Unable to build muscles? Do not worry; you are not alone in this. Being underweight makes one look weak and unfit. If you are underweight, you struggle to get those sexy curves on your body. Your face may look sunken, pale, and dull.

The skinny people have a super-fast metabolism, no matter how much they eat, they tend not to gain any fat from food. If you want to gain weight, chugging an insane amount of junk foods, desserts, or sugar drinks is not the right answer as they can cause other health issues. 


The following are ten foods that are cheap and a healthier option for you to gain weight.


Mango, the king of fruits, is delicious and nourishing. If you take mango with a high-fat dairy product like milk, it can help you gain weight. The high glycemic content of mango with fat makes it an aid to gain weight. Drinking mango milkshake can both be refreshing and excellent to help with attaining fat in your body.


Rice is one of the cheapest sources of calories. A single serving of rice provides a high amount of calories and carbohydrates. Rice takes less time to digest and, thus, increases your urge to eat more. Rice is easy to cook, and you can pair it with protein and veggies. 


 Milk is a rich source of calcium, fat, and protein. Drinking one or two glasses of milk daily between or with meals can help you to develop muscles. Many bodybuilders drink milk that helps to increase their body mass gain. Milk with some fruit or sugar can help to keep you energetic and encourage the growth of those abs.


Nuts are a perfect snack if you are looking to get a thicker body. Just a handful of nuts contain an abundant amount of protein and healthy fat. Eating half a cup of roasted almond as a snack is quite helpful for fat building. Nuts butter is a yummy option, and you can eat it as a snack or breakfast on toasts. So, you should try to have that peanut butter jelly time daily!


This monkey fruit is dense in nutrients. Bananas have an enormous amount of sugar that helps to keep you energetic and to generate muscles. It is best to eat this snack after a workout. You can easily grab this fruit on the go. Also, bananas, when paired with milk, are highly helpful in promoting weight gain. 


Potato is one of the most cost-effective sources of carbohydrates. Potatoes, along with yams, are rich in starch and vitamins. They help to store energy in your body to build muscles. Regularly eating a potato or sweet potato encourages weight gain in your body.


A whole egg is loaded with good fat and cholesterol. Hard-boiled or half, dippy fried eggs or omelet, poached or scrambled, you can eat eggs the way you like. Eating at least two eggs every day can make you obtain fat in your body. So, make sure to add eggs to your diet plan.

Fatty fish

Fatty fish like tuna and salmon is an excellent source of protein and fat. Omega 3 fatty acids are well-known for its numerous health advantages. A single serving of oily fish provides a high quantity of protein and omega fats. Eating fish regularly is one of the healthiest ways of gaining fat.


Say cheese! Who does not like cheese? This dairy product has calcium and tons of other minerals. There is a whole lot of cheese available that can help to add some extra fat to your body. However, do not overload yourself with it. Adding 100 to 120 grams of cheese in can help to expand your body mass. This snack is not only tasty but also very reasonable.

Red meats

Red meats; mutton and beef contain leucine, which your body uses to synthesize muscle protein and tissue. Moreover, red meats are excellent sources of dietary creatine, an organic compound used in muscle building supplements. So, it is best for you to add red meat to your meals. As compared to white meat like chicken, red meat adds extra calories and fats to your diet. 

Final word

I admit that gaining weight is as hard as losing it. However, simply adding these foods to your diet can help you gain weight with just a little investment. Add these affordable foods in your diet and see amazing results quickly. Gaining weight usually only requires you to eat an appropriate amount of calories too at a proper time. Moreover, drinking tons of water and getting good sleep every night can help you put on weight. 


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